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Why FPCway for your Flex PCB & Assembly?

  • Flex PCB Prototype

  • 1 - 16 Layers
  • 1 - 10000
  • PI, PET, etc.
  • 6um-100um
  • 0.04mm/0.04mm
  • 24Hours - 3weeks
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  • Rigid-Flex PCB Prototype

  • 2 - 24 Layers
  • 1 - 10000
  • FR4 & PI
  • 1oz-4oz/0.5oz-2oz
  • 3mil/3mil
  • 6Days - 5weeks
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  • PCB Assembly

  • Flex/Rigid/Rigid-Flex PCB
  • 1 - 10000
  • Turnkey/Kitted/Hybrid
  • SMT/THT/Hybrid
  • 01005, 0.2mm BGA, etc.
  • 12Hours - 2weeks
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FPCway served 4000+ customers over 30+ countries, and made 5000+ different part numbers annually with 99.5% satisfication. We are not the cheapest or the highest quality supplier, but we are the correct supplier for your unique flex PCB, rigid-flex PCB and PCB assembly projects.

4,000 More

served customers
in 30 countries

5000 More

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delivered annually


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5 Tips For Designing Flexible PCB

Flexible circuits offer compact, low-mass packaging that can reduce space and weight by some 75%. While flexible circuits have been around for years, the clamor from medical-device manufacturers for smaller and lighter applications are bringing flexible circuits to the forefront as a viable way to meet the demands.

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Flex PCB Reliability and Bendability

The standard IPC answer is 10 times the thickness of the material. There is a section in IPC-2223 that offers reasonable information on bend radius calculations. But there are other factors that need consider when designing a flex circuit for high reliability.

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Rigid-Flex PCB Stack-up for Impedance Controlled Designs

Impedance controlled circuits in a rigid-flex PCB design is a common requirement throughout the industry in a wide range of applications. Having Impedance control, however, does create an additional challenge for designs that have very demanding minimum bend requirements.

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About us

  • Based in Shenzhen China, FPCway is professional at Flex PCB,
    Rigid-flex PCB and PCB assembly services
  • Flex PCB compliant ISO9001, ISO14001, TS16949, UL, RoHS.
    PCB Assembly compliant ISO9001, IATF16949, IPC-A-610E.
  • Our aim is "Humanized way to make Flex PCB". Choose us,
    you will have the best flex PCB and assembly partner.


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