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Quick FPC, Rigid-flex PCB prototype and PCB Assembly

1Layer Flex PCB
1L Flex PCB_0.08mm
1L Flex PCB_0.1mm
1L Flex PCB_0.13mm
2Layer Flex PCB
2L Flex PCB_0.1mm
2L Flex PCB_0.15mm
2L Flex PCB_0.23mm
2L Flex PCB_0.25mm
2L Flex PCB_0.35mm
Multi-Layer Flex PCB
4L Flex PCB_0.3mm
3L Flex PCB_0.2mm
4L Flex PCB_0.2mm
6L Flex PCB_1.2mm
Rigid-Flex PCB
4L Rigid-flex PCB
2L Rigid-flex PCB
6L Rigid-flex PCB
Flex PCB Assembly
1L Flex PCB Assembly
2L Flex PCB Assembly
4L Flex PCB Assembly
Rigid-Flex PCB Assembly
2Layer_Rigid-Flex PCB and Assembly
4Layer_Rigid-Flex PCB and Assembly
6Layer_Rigid-Flex PCB and Assembly
Rigid PCB and Assembly
FR4_2Layer PCB and Assembly
FR4_4Layer PCB and Assembly
FR4_6Layer PCB and Assembly
FR4_8Layer HDI PCB and Assembly
FR4_12Layer HDI PCB and Assembly


The above picture is a 4Layer Rigid-Flex PCB we made for one of our Rigid-flex PCB customers, the RF PCB spec is: 4layer, FR4 + PI, Rigid area 1.6mm thickness, Flex area 0.16mm thickness, Copper 1oz, Yellow Coverlay + Green Solder Mask, White silkscreen, ENIG Finish.  Normally we can finish 2L Rigid-Flex PCB prototype around 12days, 4L Rigid-flex PCB prototype around 14days.


The development of FPC and PCB gave birth to a new product of Rigid-flex PCB boards (also called Flex-Rigid PCB). Flex-rigid PCB is a flexible circuit board and a rigid circuit board bonded together with laminating and other relevant technical processes. This made the Flex-rigid circuit board have both the characteristics of the FPC board and the Rigid PCB.


But Flex PCB also could add PI/FR4/SUS/Alumimum stiffeners to make some areas thicker and rigid. How to distinguish them? The main difference is the stiffeners have no any copper tracks and copper pads but only for mechnical support. And this is also the reason why Rigid-flex PCB is much more expensive than rigid PCB or Flex PCB. It's easy to make circuits on one same material, like the rigid PCB material FR4 and the flex PCB material PI. But to combind them together, it's not easy and the manufacturing processes are almost double to make the rigid-flex PCB and harder to control the PCB quality. Also rigid-flex PCB could also add stiffeners as same as flex PCB.



Since the Flex-rigid PCB has both the characteristics of the FPC and the characteristics of the PCB, it can be used in some products with special requirements. It has both a certain flexible area and a certain rigid area which could save the internal space, reduce the volume of finished products and improve product performance. 



There are many production processes for Flex-rigid PCB, which are difficult to produce and have a low yield rate. The materials and manpower are relatively large. Therefore, the prices are relatively expensive and the production cycle is relatively long.


Rigid-flex PCB Technical Capabilities 

Rigid-flex PCB Layer
NO.ITEMStandard CapabilitiesSpecial Capabilities
1Flex-Rigid PCB Layer2-18L2-24L
Rigid-flex PCB Material
2Base MaterialPI (12.5um, 25um, 50um, 100um),
FR4 TG 130, 150, 170, 180 (0.05mm-3.2mm)
3StiffenersPI Stiffener: 12.5/25/50/75/100/125/150/200/250 (um) 
PET Stiffener: 0.125/0.188/0.25(mm) 
FR4 Stiffener: 0.1mm-1.6mm2mm
SUS Stiffener: 0.1mm-0.5mm 
Aluminum Stiffener: 0.1mm-0.5mm 
4EMI shielding filmHCF-6000G, PC800, etc. 
Board Size & Thickness
5Biggest Board Size250mm*610mm 
6Board Thickness0.6mm-5.0mm 
7Thickness Tolerance0.6mm~1mm: ±0.1mm
1mm~5mm: ±10%
8Minimum Hole Size0.1 mm 
9Holes Size Tolerance±0.03 mm 
10Holes Posistion Tolerance±0.05 mm 
11Minimum vias Pad Size0.3mm 
12Minimum Annular Ring Size0.1mm 
13Blind/Buried ViasYes 
Copper Tracks and Plating
14Minimum Track Width/Space0.1mm/0.1mm 
15Track Width Tolerance20% 
16Tracks/Pads Position Tolerance≥0.06 mm 
17Tracks/Pads To Board Edge≥0.15 mm 
18Golden Finger Pitch TolerancePitch:10~20mm : ± 0.03mm,
Pitch:20~50mm : ± 0.05mm
19Copper Plating Thickness20-35um 
20Hole Copper Thickness20-35um 
Surface Finish
21ENIGAU: 1-2u" Thickness
NI: 40-120u" Thickness
 3u” Thickness
22Electrolytic Nickel Gold
(Hard Gold Plating)
AU: 1-50u” Thickness
NI: 80-320u" Thickness
23Immersion Silver Ag: 6-12u" Thickness 
24OSP 8-16u" Thickness 
25Immersion Tin SN: 10-60u" Thickness 
26Tin Plating SN: 5-30um Thickness 
27ENEPIGAu:1-4u" Thickness
NI: 120-200u" Thickness
Pd:1-6u" Thickness
28Coverlay Opening Size Tolerance±0.1 mm±0.03 mm
29Minimum Drilling Size on Coverlay Opening0.45mm0.2mm
30Minimum Square Size on Coverlay Opening0.7mm*0.7mm0.2mm*0.2mm
31Coverlay Opening Position Tolerance±0.1 mm±0.03 mm
32Coverlay Align Tolerance±0.1 mm±0.02 mm
33Excessive Glue≤0.15 mm 
34Minimum Area of Excessive Glue≤20% Pads Area 
Solder Mask and Silkscreen
35Solder Mask Thickness15um +/-5um 
36Solder Mask Tolerance For Opening Size+/-0.05mm+/-0.02mm
37Solder Mask Tolerance For Opening Position0.1mm+/-0.02mm
38Minimum Silkscreen line width0.13mm 
39Minimum Silkscreen Gap0.2mm 
40Minimum Silkscreen Position Tolerance+/-0.3mm 
41Minimum Silkscreen height0.8mm 
42Minimum Solder Mask Bridge0.13mm 
Board Outline & Stiffeners
43Board Outline Tolerance
with Steel Die
±0.1 mm±0.03mm 
44Board Outline Tolerance
with Knife Die
±0.2 mm 
45Minimum Gap Between Drilling and Board Edge≥0.5 mm 
46PSA Position Tolerance±0.2 mm 
47Stiffeners Position Tolerance±0.2 mm 
FPC E-Test
48Test Voltage10-50V 
49Insulation Test Impedance≥10MΩ 
50Conduction Test Impedance≤50Ω 
51Impedance Tolerance10% 
FPC Physical Property
52Solderability Test245±5℃, 3 Seconds For One Time,
Soldering Area≥95% 
53Thermal Shock Test288±5℃, 10 Seconds Per 3 Times,
No Delamination and No Bubbles
54FCCL Peel Strength≥0.8kgf/㎠  (1cm width sample) 
55Coverlay Peel Strength≥0.8kgf/㎠  (1cm width sample) 
56Stiffeners Peel Strength 0.15 N/mm (Hot-Press Adhesive)
0.49 N/mm (PSA Adhesive)


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