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How to quote and place order on FPCway?



We have many ways for our customer to quote and place order on our website for your flex PCB, rigid-flex PCB and PCB Assembly Projects. You can login or sign up for quote online, or you can send us email directly (especially when you have many designs need to quote, email would be the best way). The step details can be found below:





Quick Name

Steps Details
Step 1

Sign up or Login

or Email us

Please sign up or login your account on our FPCway website. Or please send email to Sales@fpcway.com  for any requirements (email would be the better way when you have many designs need to quote).
Step 2Get a QuotePlease click Quote Now, fill in the quote form and upload the files for quote, or please send us the files by email directly. (If you just need bare PCBs, please upload the Gerber files or other pcb files in the PCB quote form. If you need PCB + PCB assembly service, please upload the Gerber files in the PCB quote form and upload the BOM file in the assembly quote form).
Step 3Place OrderThe quote will be provided within 24hours. If you want to move forward, please reply the quote email. Or please view the quote details in your FPCway account and click "Order it Now" in the related quote to place the order. Our sales guy will contact you within 12hours and provide you the invoice for payment.
Step 4Order OngoingOnce the payment or payment receipt received, the order will be started shortly. If any engineer queries or issues, we will confirm with you and keep you posted.
Step 5Order Finish and ShippedOnce the boards finished and shipped, we will send you an email for the tracking number and you can also find it in your "Order List".
Step 6Delivered, Order CloseThe package shall be delivered in 3-5days, and then the order would be closed. You can contact us by email for any issues


Hope it makes sense. If anything not clear, feel free to contact us. Our sales guy will reply your flex PCB, Rigid-flex PCB and PCB Assembly projects shortly.

Contact us

  • Email: sales@fpcway.com
  • Tel: 086 18576671093
  • Skype: Downey_PCB-PCBA
  • Address: No.12, Shapuwei Industrial Road
  • Songgang Street, Baoan District, Shenzhen

About us

  • Based in Shenzhen China, FPCway is professional at Flex PCB,
    Rigid-flex PCB and PCB assembly services
  • Flex PCB compliant ISO9001, ISO14001, TS16949, UL, RoHS.
    PCB Assembly compliant ISO9001, IATF16949, IPC-A-610E.
  • Our aim is "Humanized way to make Flex PCB". Choose us,
    you will have the best flex PCB and assembly partner.


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