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Flex PCB Capability
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PCB Assembly Capabilities


Our excellent PCB assembly services have no MOQ and offer a variety of circuit board assembly services for your product development in the different stages.


From SMD assembly to through-hole assembly and mixed assembly projects, we do it all, including free DFM/DFA checks, AOI test, X-Ray test, functional testing to verify the quality of the assembled PCB boards. Our detailed assembly capabilities listed in the table below:



Item Name

PCB Assembly Capability

1.Lead TimePCB Assembly time ranges from 8 Hours to 5days. It begins shortly after all the parts are ready and all the PCB files (Gerber files/other PCB files, etc.,), BOM files and Centroid files (Pick & Place PNP file, or XY Data or files in other formats) are ready. If you have other data or documents/images/photos for our assembly work, please send them to us as well.
2.Parts SourceConsigned/kittedYou provide all the parts for the PCBA services. In this case, please send us all the components with BOM file and detailed packing list indicating part number, reference designators and quantity in kit.
Turn-keyWe provide all the parts for the PCBA service and we call it Turn-key PCBA service. All components will be confirmed with customer before purchasing and we only source from reliable suppliers that passed our investigations like Digikey, Mouser, Element14, Rs, Future Electronics, etc. 
Partial Turn-key/ComboYou offer the main parts and we source the rest. Just like the Turn-key service, we will ask for your approval before purchasing the parts.
3.Assembly OptionsWe offer Surface Mount (SMT), Thru-Hole (THT) and hybrid of both. And available for single or double-sided placement.
4.Types of SolderWe offer both leaded and lead-free (RoHS Compliant) assembly services. And lead free assembly is in default if you didn't specify.
5.StencilsWe will manufacture the Laser cut stainless steel stencils follow the PCB files, and we will ensure high reliability for 01005, 0201, fine pitch and BGA components. 
6.Minimum OrderNo MOQ, but we suggest to do 5 pieces at least since it's more economic. 
7.Component Size
  • Passive Component: we accept components as small as 01005, 0201, 0402, 0603, 0805, etc.

  • BGA: We have the ability to handle BGA of 0.2mm pitch with X-ray testing.

8.Component PackageWe accept parts in Reels, Cut Tape, Tube & Tray, Loose Parts and Bulk.
9.Board Dimension
  • Min Board Size: 50mm x 50mm (Boards smaller than this size shall be panellized, or would be assembled by hand or make assembly fixture for assembly)

  • Max Board Size: 600mm x 900mm (Boards beyond this size would be assembled by hand, contact us)

10.Board ShapeWe can assemble boards in Rectangular, Circular and any Odd Shapes. (For shapes other than rectangle, we will panellize the boards in an array, and add break-away rails at the edges to ensure that the PCB boards can be assembled by the machine.)
11.Board TypeFlex PCB, Flex-Rigid PCB and rigid PCB ( FR4 PCB, HDI PCB, Aluminum PCB, Rogers PCB, Copper PCB, Heavy Copper PCB, High Frequency PCB, etc.)
12.Repair & ReworkRepair and rework can be difficult, but we do. Our BGA reballing service with which we can safely remove the misplaced BGA, reball it and put it back on the PCB correctly. It is cost-effective.
13.Other ServicesProgramming, FCT Test, Conformal Coating, CNC, Injection Mold, Box Build, etc.


Testing Procedures


Various testing method will be applied to the assembled boards to ensure the quality before the final shipment:


Visual inspection: general quality check.

X-ray Inspection: checks for BGAs, QFN and bare circuit boards.

AOI Testing: checks for SMT assembly including the solder paster, solder quality, missing components and orientation.

FCT: Functional test to check if the PCBA board works as it is (customer need to provide the test guide file).

ICT (In-Circuit Test).

Contact us

  • Email: sales@fpcway.com
  • Tel: 086 18576671093
  • Skype: Downey_PCB-PCBA
  • Address: No.12, Shapuwei Industrial Road
  • Songgang Street, Baoan District, Shenzhen

About us

  • Based in Shenzhen China, FPCway is professional at Flex PCB,
    Rigid-flex PCB and PCB assembly services
  • Flex PCB compliant ISO9001, ISO14001, TS16949, UL, RoHS.
    PCB Assembly compliant ISO9001, IATF16949, IPC-A-610E.
  • Our aim is "Humanized way to make Flex PCB". Choose us,
    you will have the best flex PCB and assembly partner.


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