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Files Required for Turnkey PCB Assembly Service


For Turnkey PCB Assemby Service, we will do PCB manufacture, PCB assembly and components sourcing services for your electronic project. If also need us do PCB design, PCBA design, product design, feel free to contact us.


For PCB Manufacturing, we will need Gerber file, .pcb, .pcbdoc or .cam file. And it's the best to provide Gerber files in format of RS-274X for PCB fabrication.


For PCB Assembly, we will need Pick & Place file or Centroid file or XY data, and best to have assembly drawing to locate the parts position and orientations.


For Components Sourcing, we will need the BOM file include the components basic information like Reference Designators, Quantity, Part number, Description, etc. We ensure all components will be purchased from our trusted suppliers like Digikey, Mouser, Element 14, Arrow, etc.


More details can be found from the form below and feel free to contact us for any of your enquiries.


Files RequiredSpecification
Gerber files*Gerber files in format of RS-274X for PCB fabrication, or other PCB files like .pcbdoc, .pcb, .brd, etc.
BOM files*BOM file in excel format for components sourcing and PCB assembly. It should include the components basic information: Reference Designators, Quantity, Part number, Description, etc. Click BOM Template for your reference.
Pick & Place file*Also known as Centroid file or XY data. It describes the position and orientation of all the surface mount parts and it can help us to quickly programming the SMT assembly machines. Click P&P Template for your reference.
Assembly drawing (if available)  It includes the positions and polarities of the components designators which can help us better understand your assembly needs, correcting some ambiguous or even mistaken placements, and ends up with an excellent job. Click Assembly Drawing Template for your reference.
Testing Guide & Test Fixtures  (if necessary)To ensure the boards quality, we can test the boards following the provided testing guide & test fixtures before shipping.
Programming files & Programming tool  (if necessary)We could do IC programing for our customers if required.


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  • Skype: Downey_PCB-PCBA
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About us

  • Based in Shenzhen China, FPCway is professional at Flex PCB,
    Rigid-flex PCB and PCB assembly services
  • Flex PCB compliant ISO9001, ISO14001, TS16949, UL, RoHS.
    PCB Assembly compliant ISO9001, IATF16949, IPC-A-610E.
  • Our aim is "Humanized way to make Flex PCB". Choose us,
    you will have the best flex PCB and assembly partner.


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